Good has never tasted better

Delicious ostrich meat is well recognized as a healthy alternative red meat, similar to beef. Klein Karoo International is the world’s foremost producer of Ostrich meat.

Our pre-grilled ostrich range is available 12 months of the year, enabling us to develop a sustainable industry. This range is seared for tenderness & juiciness, offering a convenient, high quality and food safety compliant product suitable for both retail as well as food service.

Nature perfected it, we just package it

The environmentally and animal welfare friendly farming practices inherent to ostrich rearing ensure a superior taste and quality.

All the meat is fully traceable back to the farm and is endorsed by the South Africa Heart Foundation. The Ostrich meat range is available in leading supermarkets in South Africa, and international markets like France, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Holland and Belgium.

Lean but Mean

High in protein but low in calories and saturated fats, ostrich meat has become very popular as part of a balanced diet. Its characteristics and versatility make it the ideal choice for home cooks, and chefs alike when it comes to protein packed light meals, nutritional lunches, and dinners.

The meat is also a good source of biologically available iron. The fact that it is low in collagen, makes the meat highly digestible, “like eating fish”. It is free of hormones and growth stimulants, and any systematically administered antibiotics.