Ostrich Meat Brochure

This comprehensive brochure provides all the pertinent information about our farming, production and packing of our products as well as the quality, safety and traceability measure employed to ensure only the best possible product is made available to consumers. It also contains nutritional values and an overview of Klein Karoo International’s various bulk and retail ranges.

Pre-Grilled Ostrich Meat Product Brochure

Healthy, tender and tasty with seared in flavour and succulence, ostrich is a taste experience from South Africa like no other. Discover a wealth of information related to this highly unique red meat, from our product range to detailed nutritional information, pre-grilling methods and tips and cooking instructions. The brochure also contains information on Klein Karoo International Ltd, the world’s largest producer of ostrich meat.

Ostrich Meat Cuts

The ostrich (Struthio camelus) belongs to the Ratite family of flightless birds with small wings and flat breastbones. The meat cuts are mainly from the legs, not the breast.
From the various primal cuts, meat is portioned into final products, according to client’s specific requirements.

Ostrich Meat Handbook for Chefs

Created in conjunction with the South African Chefs Association as a guide for master and home chefs alike. The handbook covers in depth areas such as what influences the eating quality of the meat, nutritional value, an overview of cuts, preparation and various cooking methods. The handbook also contains mouth-watering recipes to ignite any culinary imagination.

Annual Report 2017

The Annual Report for 2017, for Klein Karoo International.

Ostrich Meat Recipe Booklet 2018

In today's health-conscious world ostrich meat has become part of a balanced diet and allows the meat lover the pleasure of a scrumptious steak or fillet in the full knowledge that it is, in fact, a great choice. The characteristics and versatility of Klein Karoo ostrich meat makes it the ideal choice for home cooks and chefs when preparing light meals and great tasting nutritious lunches and dinners. The 2018 Ostrich Meat Recipe Book contains recipes by Tersia de Wet and other chefs.

Annual Report 2018

The Annual Report for 2018, for Klein Karoo International.