Perfect for Pets

We have a great variety of 100% natural dried, hypo allergenic dog treats made at our export accredited abattoir. These treats are low in fat, cholesterol and sodium while high in protein. Dogs of all breeds and sizes can’t get enough of it – from sinews to bones, pet biltong and mini burger patties.

All our pet products are sold on a natural fall basis.

Make a meal of it

Our export abattoir produces category three carcass meal for production of pet food. The carcass meal is supplied in bulk 50kg or 600kg bags.

Typical Nutritional Analysis: Protein (> 45%), Fat (< 15%), Moisture (< 10%).

The beauty of ostrich oil

Our Export Category 3 ostrich oil is yellowish in colour with no rancid smell, produced from ostrich fat and by-products treated with an antioxidant. The fatty acid profile of the oil contains Omega 3, 6 and 9.

The main use of the ostrich oil is for pet food production.